Rhythm and Rhymes Childcare, LLC was born through a vision of our founder/owner Ms. Phyllis Craighead of Mt. Juliet, Tennessee.  In 1987, she founded a company by the name of Kids & Nurses.  The original location was right here on Cottage Lane.  It was here that she had her “.. first taste of miracles.”  She and her staff of nurses, therapists, and social workers worked with chronically ill children and their families.  They were able to expand the vision and mission of Kids & Nurses to many children throughout Tennessee and Florida.

During her time with these special kids, she witnessed that even those children that statistically should never accomplish certain developmental milestones, can and will with the proper attitude of their caregivers, motivation, and repetition.  She knew those same principals must apply to all children.  Studies have revealed the years from birth to five are the most important in the development of who that child will become.  Likewise, studies have identified that utilizing the arts is the greatest instrument to achieve that success.

When approaching this new venture, Ms. Phyllis knew her facility needed to provide the stimulus to evoke fun, creativity, and learning.  Her years with Kids & Nurses taught her that the work of a child is play. This new venture had to make child’s work fun! She wanted to provide services that were not typical in traditional daycare settings.

Ms. Phyllis determined that what would make her facility different would be that her staff would engage the children daily with dance, music, art, and drama.

With the mission identified, all that was left was a name.  Ms. Phyllis pondered what all of these dance, gymnastics, drama, music, and art activities had in common:  RHYTHM.  She knew that we also needed to provide a foundation for the forthcoming school years.  Mother Goose and her  RHYMES fit the bill.  Hence our name became “Rhythm & Rhymes”.

After our first 3 years in business, we found ourselves at capacity with a lengthy waiting list.  After requests to add space to our Cottage Lane address, we found that there was no beneficial way to increase occupancy and licensing numbers in just one location.  We started the search for a second facility.  We found the perfect space just a single mile from our Cottage Lane center and after months of renovations and lots of “TLC” we were set for our grand opening of Rhythm & Rhymes, Too! at 2003 Lebanon Pike.  We opened that facility in early 2013 and we have been going strong ever since.

Our support team extends from colleagues and family members to local businesses and state programs help to achieve the Rhythm and Rhymes philosophy and goals within it’s operation.  It’s supporters and staff literally paint a new face of success in early childhood education and family development.

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